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donderdag, juni 21, 2012

Fraude, verdoeme toch

Ik reageerde op een zoekertje uit Leuven en kreeg prompt antwoord:


I see that you are interested to purchase my product.
First of all i want to apology that i am writing in english but i don`t speak or write your language because i am british citizen.
I purchased the product in a business trip in your country because the price was very good but as long as it is your language, with your country language and all the stuff in your language it is very difficult to use it here.
I tried to sell it in London but with no result...
So in this situation i have decided to sell it back in your country at a lower price so i can purchase another one here. It is in perfect condition..
i used it just a few times. I think that the price is good 900 €. including all taxes and is not negotiable, the price includes insurance and shipping to your address.
the price includes all original packaging and accessories + invoice and 1 year international warranty.
(No time for meetings with the buyer or his friends not agree with these proposals)
(So can not do business directly with the buyer because no time for this sale, so i'm trying to sell it online)
Now if you understand this problem and you are still interested to buy, I found a solution for deliver it to your location.
The shipping company we will use is called DPD and is a well known shipping company here in Europe

Here is DPD company method:   
A. First you have to send me your shipping information (your name and address).
1. After I have received your shipping info, I'll go to a DPD Location and I will leave the product onto your name and address as the intended receiver.
B. DPD will check it to see that the unit was placed with all the papers and to see that is legal.
2. You will receive a notification from DPD as a confirmation that the product is in their custody and also, that the product has been tested.
C. DPD verify the transfer of money, and if everything is in order, will deliver the product to your door.
3. PLEASE READ:Very important!
-The payment will only reach me after you receive and test the item.
-The payment details will remain with the company until you confirm that everything is Ok and you want to keep it.
D. If by any reason, you will not be satisfied with the product, you will return the product to DPD with no expenses.
Receive the product in 2 days.

Please complete your details correctly!!!
Shipping detaills like this:
First name:
Last name : 
Address :                                          
City/State :
PostalCode :
Country :
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:
Phone Number:
Tell me whether you agree with all to whether I'll wait or I have to find another buyer.
I am very happy that you are interested my product!
I await your response."

Het ding was te goedkoop om waar te zijn, maar de foto's duidelijk authentiek. Dus begon mijn goesting toe te nemen.  Maar als iets te mooi is om waar te zijn, dan is het meestal niet waar.

  • de mail klinkt nogal sjablonerig, spreken over "my product" klinkt alsof het een paar 1000 keer gecut en gepasted wordt
  • de website van DPD geeft een waarschuwing in verband met fraude van dit type
  • de EXIF van de foto's vertellen dat ze "Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.0.1.M1" zijn; vrij vertaald: gepikt van eBay
  • als je stukjes van de mail in Google gooit, dan vind je al snel berichten als dit.


At 10:53 p.m., Blogger jokemijn said...

Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

At 10:54 p.m., Blogger jokemijn said...

een collega van me had onlangs een gelijkaardig verhaal met een appartement in leuven waarvan de eigenaar in het buitenland zat en ze de sleutel via dpd zou kunnen krijgen om het te bezichtigen... tegen betaling. De foto's van het appartement bleken ook hier van een andere bron te komen. Benieuwd hoe die scam juist in elkaar zit, maar dat het fout was, was wel duidelijk.

At 11:25 p.m., Blogger Sponzen ridder said...

Blijkbaar sturen ze je fake mails van een adres dat zogezegd van DPD is, met het bericht dat alles in orde is, en dat je mag betalen..


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